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    July 30, 2016

    Being a punjabi ,I am fond of eating by nature .I visit “delight my tummy “to see a new recipe for me but it appears probably once a week only .I may not be able to try them all but knowing about and seeing the colorful images of wonderful food is really pleasure

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    August 7, 2016

    Love your recipes. Each one of them is a gem. From those Double Cheese Onion Rings (which btw I made and was an instant hit) to the Rajasthani Malai Ghevar cooked in a cooker. Super awesome.

    Might I give a teeny weeny suggestion to use Beer in the batter for Onion Rings and also bread crumbs (very little). It takes the dish to a whole new level. The carbonation from the beer fluffs up the batter and the bread crumbs give it a crisp crunchy outside.

    • delightmytummy
      September 18, 2016

      Thank you so much Karan ☺ And thanks again for the great suggestion, I’ve already used bread crumbs to coat the onion rings, but I think the beer batter would work really well. Ill try that soon and I’m so glad you liked the onion rings ☺ Happy Cooking!

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    November 18, 2016

    Excellent blog. Love reading through your recipes, very inspiring

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    Rahul Chaurasia
    December 19, 2016

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